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Peter is a Beulahland regular for Arsenal, FA Cup and Champions League matches- and appreciates it when Jimmi plays Denmark friendlies so he can lightly shed a tear over the fate of his homeland team. (And discuss the latest Nicklas Bendtner folly.)  I asked Peter to predict what will happen in the World Cup 2014. He said, “I picked Ivory Coast and Portugal as the teams I like because Denmark isn’t there! I would root for Sweden, but never Norway. They are so damn patriotic. I love Zlatan.

Ivory Coast has been amazingly unlucky in the past two World Cup draws, so this year the draw with Columbia, Greece and Japan definitely favors the Ivory Coast.

I’ve always liked Portugal. My novels are out in Portugal and I have friends there. My favorite players are Mario Balotelli, YaYa Toure, and Christiano Ronaldo.”

Regarding his predictions for the teams that will go far in the World Cup he said,  “I think Ghana has a bigger chance to make it than the Ivory Coast and I stick by my original prediction. Brazil will not make the final and Argentina will win! ”

Julie (blogger)

PS: Peter’s favorite Beulahland dish is the Vegan Hash.

World cup 2014 beulahland portland, oregon
I would watch the World Cup at Beulahland if I were in Portland, Oregon! Love, NB –

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