Alexis Sanchez: He’s Arsenal’s Best Player for a Reason


In his own words:

I always loved playing football as a boy and I always told my mom I wanted to be a football player. It was clear to me that I would become a football player if I wanted to. She always listened to me talking about it and then I achieved it.  It was a dream that gave me positive power to become a professional footballer and to play at a world class leveler. I always hoped it would take me further in life.

For me, simply having a football is something precious and I’m not just saying that. As a youngster, I needed a ball and I filled my whole day enjoying and playing with a ball. That is what made me happy when I was a kid and it still does. If I have a problem, the ball just takes it away from me. On the pitch, you forget all of the difficulties you might have.

“Footballers may have lots of problems, but playing football on the pitch and being focused on your teammates makes you forget about everything else. When you start playing, everything returns to normality.”

– Alexis Sanchez on Champions League TV

Apparently his off screen problems are so intense he makes the front of the papers.

Exceso de fútbol y sexo ponen en duda titularidad de Alexis Sánchez

El Arsenal choca con el Manchester United y el cansancio lo tiene más cerca de la banca.

This says that Alexis played poorly when Arsenal played Manchester United because he had too much sex the night before.

I hate it when that happens in my life as well! At least I wasn’t too tired to get this blog posted!

Have an Arsenal Day. #COYG.  #AFC #Arsenal!